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Turfgrass Science & Management Concentration
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Turf. Maybe we don't think much about it until it's time to mow the lawn.

But last year alone, hundreds of thousands of acres of turf were sodded or seeded in America: Golfcourses. Parks. Football and baseball and soccer and playing fields of all kinds. Roadsides and greenways. Small residential lawns, and huge commercial amd municipal grassscapes.

Somebody grew the sod, sold it, transplanted it, nursed it into grassy beauty. Somebody produced the grass seed, spread it, cared for it. Somebody educated people about how to do it, which seed to use in the shady or wet areas, in cool or hot regions. Somebody babied the golf greens... scheduled fertilization schemes for the parks... maintained the company and home grassscapes... almost completely revamped the playing field two days before the Super Bowl!

bullet Examples of jobs obtained by our graduates

In the Department of Plant Sciences, we teach people how to service and study the turfgrass sciences and businesses.

The Turfgrass Management Concentration is designed for the student desiring to pursue professions that include growing and managing turfgrasses used for golf courses, parks, athletic fields, sports complexes, and residential and commercial lawns. Careful selection of departmental courses and other electives in consultation with your academic adviser will prepare graduates for the career of their choice. Professional certifications for turf managers

Bullet Curriculum (year-by-year listing of courses in this concentration for freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years)

Bullet College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources section of the UT Undergraduate Catalog; the Department of Plant Sciences is the last department listed in this pdf document (scroll down).

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