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Instructions for Materials Requests

If you wish to obtain materials from the Stewart lab, please click on the link corresponding to the materials you wish to obtain-FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. Requesting materials using the Materials Transfer Agreement below is for NON-PROFIT organizations only.

Please allow for up to 4 weeks for processing. To speed up processing fax the completed MTA to Neal Stewart (1 865 946 1989), and provide a FEDEX number for shipping, otherwise we will use standard post. The executed MTA will be included in the package. Neal Stewart's mailing address is

2431 Joe Johnson Drive
Rm 252 Ellington Plant Sciences
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-4561 USA

If you simply want permission to receive materials from another authorized user, such a transfer is permitted once you have completed and sent the MTA. Please note on the MTA who will distribute the materials and that we should NOT ship them.

Big Orange Fluorescent Proteins

We have modified several orange fluorescent proteins that will now be accumulated to higher levels, and therefore, render higher orange fluorescence in plants: Big Orange Fluorescent Proteins described here:

Mann, D.G.J., L.L. Abercrombie, M.R. Rudis, R.J. Millwood, J.R. Dunlap, C.N. Stewart, Jr. 2012. Very bright orange fluorescent plants: endoplasmic reticulum targeting of orange fluorescent proteins as visual reporters in transgenic plants. BMC Biotechnology 12: 17.

Please fill out this MTA and send it back and we will send you plasmids. If you want transgenic Big Orange fluorescent plants, you must fill out the USDA APHIS BRS interstate shipment application, which can be found here:

ABC transporter Atwbc19 plasmids

It was recently found that an Arabidopsis thaliana ABC transporter AtWBC19 conferred kanamycin resistance to transgenic plants when overexpressed:
       Mentewab, A. and C. N. Stewart, Jr. 2005. Overexpression of an
       Arabidopsis thaliana A BC transporter confers kanamycin resistance
       to transgenic plants. Nature Biotechnology 23:1177-1180.

After the MTA is executed, the plasmids will be sent.

Since these plasmids are derivatives of pCAMBIA plasmids (see and, the recipient should fill out and send the pCAMBIA licensing agreement to CAMBIA (not me!).  pCAMBIA licensing agreement

  Square bullet Plasmid maps

  Square bullet Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA)

  Square bullet Nature Biotechnology 23:1177-1180